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Making it count

If you think your sports marketing program is a success, it's not. You should KNOW whether your sponsorship objectives are being met and/or where they fall short.

We implement a four step process that ensures you that you won't be wearing a blindfold when evaluating your efforts.

1 Benchmark
Identify your baseline business activity. It may be a pre-awareness study or isolating sales without the layer of sponsorship marketing involvement.
2 Establish Quantifiable Objectives
Know what goals are most relevant to ensure success. Make sure they are quantifiable. If they're not...they should be!
3 Implement Plan Against Objectives
More money is lost here than any other step of the process.
Being on strategy is everything! You are betting that your target will respond to your message or program. Be sure. Test it. Then relentlessly execute.
4 Measure Your Results
Impressions are great, but what about conviction? Purchase intent? Sales? Rarely -- if ever -- is an entire program a success. We segment all aspects of your program and measure their actual delivery vs. your target objectives.

This four step process is the start of establishing an unbiased and objective critique of your sponsorship marketing efforts.