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Case Studies: Cancun

Need for Innovation

This unique Caribbean island destination was determined to create non-traditional U.S. exposure to stimulate travel.

Cancun needed to demonstrate its versatility as a sought-after vacation destination. Everyone knew of its scintillating beaches, but it offers much more.

This was not an advertising assignment. It mandated a breakthrough event marketing strategy.

Our Idea

Relocate the popular sports TV program "The Superstars" to Cancun.

Build a 1/4 mile track on vacant ocean-side property, so that the athletic competitions featured an unmistakably Cancun backdrop.

Broadcast vignettes of athletes enjoying the nearby Mayan ruins, snorkeling, fishing, etc.

In short, provide a Cancun look and feel to every aspect of the ABC Wide World of Sports program broadcasts.


Cancun received unprecedented levels of in-broadcast exposure.

The destination reported increased bookings each of the three years it hosted the event.

And annually hosting the world's top athletes gave the up-and-coming area a great sense of pride and esteem.