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Case Studies: Hershey's

Need for Innovation

As an NCAA Corporate Partner, Hershey's sought to maximize its national sponsorship rights to the Final Four.

Getting its retailers excited about delivering a unique promotion with true consumer-added value was the challenge.

Our Idea

Create two separate Hershey's Final Four programs, one for the food/drug channel and the other for convenience stores.

The first was a "never-been-done-before" sweepstakes, taking advantage of Final Four tickets being the most difficult to find in sports.

The grand prize of this Hershey exclusive sweepstakes: Win Final Four Tickets For Life!

For the second promotion, we negotiated a tie-in with Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker, offering a 15% discount on any purchase with three proofs of purchase from Hershey products.


"Tickets For Life" proved a successful platform for three consecutive years of retail promotions, one year helping to achieve a 15% share increase.
The Foot Locker partnership also earned a repeat performance.