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Case Studies: Sprint

Need for Innovation

In 1998, Sprint was the NFL's largest sponsor. Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami was theirs to promote and leverage.

The rub...a slew of other sponsors had the same privilege.

Sprint had a mandate to break through the clutter of the world's most cluttered event to meet its business goals.

Our Idea

Create an ad campaign and local events that make the entire community a part of the Super Bowl experience.

We recommended Sprint enlist Miami Dolphins beloved legend Garo Yepremian as its spokesman. Garo was infamous for his backwards pass in Super Bowl VII.

"Where's Garo" became Sprint's calling card...literally. They staged "backwards passing" contests at all local Sprint PCS stores, with winners receiving a pair of Super Bowl ducats.

They held a South Beach Scavenger Hunt leading to Garo's secret Super Bowl hiding spot, with the winner also receiving tickets to the Super Bowl.

The promotion reunited Garo with Mike Bass, the Washington Redskins defender who intercepted Garo's botched Super Bowl pass for a touchdown 25 years earlier.


Store sales were up 50-100% for the month.

More than 1,000 fans participated in the "Where's Garo?" Scavenger Hunt.

Most important, Sprint connected with the passion and loyalty of South Florida football fans to dominate their attention during the most commercial marketing window in sports.