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Advertising Age
March 16, 1998

Scott Becher was a producer and director for NFL Films before leaving to spend several years as a promotion agency executive. In 1996, he formed Sports & Sponsorships, a sports marketing consultancy in Coral Gables, Fla., helping clients leverage sponsorships into national promotions. Clients include Fox Sports, Sprint PCS and Hershey Chocolate USA.

Age: 34

Coup: Convincing the NCAA to commit to a long-term prize for the first-ever "Win Final Four Tickets for Life" promotion. It launched March 9.

Insight: Expose property partners to your sponsorship strategy early in the game, making them a part of your team. This inevitably leads to more financial support for your property.

Opinion: Public relations is underutilized by sponsors and in promotions. It's the secret key to getting the trade and sales force involved to make your promotion visible at the point of sale.

Watch for: More marketers creating hybrid sponsorship/licensing relationships with properties, transforming fan loyalty into sales.

Challenge: Nurturing long-term sponsorship equity while delivering consistent short term results.

Tip: National collegiate sponsorships remain a relatively uncluttered, cost-effective marketing platform.